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There is always something new to learn about food.

Live Learn Cook work in the community and schools to deliver creative and inspiring food activities for foodies of all ages.

Our aim is to encourage confidence to create healthy meals that all members of the family will enjoy.

Our cookery and nutrition classes are affordable and accessible for all and aim to share practical ideas and recipes.

The process of preparing and cooking food encourages the development of creativity, confidence and resilience so while you are embracing new flavours,ingredients and ideas you are also impacting on your mind, body and soul. We all need some time for this.


Our classes are always planned to suit the requirements of a group, they are fun, friendly and relaxed and are aimed at every individual in the group. We offer a range of topics and activities in our termly programmes but are always happy to create a bespoke plan for individuals, groups or organisations.

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About Us


Sara has taught food, nutrition, health and hospitality for over 20 years in secondary schools. Live Learn Cook aims to bring opportunities to learn about food to a wider audience.

There is always something new to discover.

I have seen for years just how much enjoyment and learning children and adults of all ages gain from a chance to cook and learn about food in a supported environment.

With 2 children of my own I appreciate hugely how vital family meals are in ensuring good health and helping to develop positive food habits for life.

With lots of help from family and friends and a few specialist colleagues the offer we make to the community is steadily growing and we look forward to continuing this over the coming years. We are always keen to take on new challenges and still hunting for a perfect venue to establish as our headquarters.

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What People Say


Even though the activities you have been doing are for the children I have learned so much and use a lot of the healthy new ideas at home all the time


As well as great fun I just cant believe how therapeutic cooking  is. I get so absorbed in it I forget everything else that's going on. 


I really love what you have been doing with Max at club he enjoys it so much and is starting to new things try much more at home as well as with you.

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