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Classes are available for all ages. Whether you and your little one want to create in the kitchen or you are looking for new ideas for the family. We have classes available for all.

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Teen Classes

Pea Pods

Pre-School Classes

Little ones from a very early age love to get their hands into food and learn new skills whilst doing it; cooking encourages dexterity, confidence and organisational skill development.


Between 2 and 4 they are also establishing food habits that will be with them for life. By allowing them the freedom to be creative with children of the same age parents will be surprised what they can achieve and may learn a few things themselves too!.

The focus for our Little Pea Pods is on getting to know exciting, healthy foods with the occasional treat or sweet activity.

Accompanying adults are encouraged to allow the children to work as independently as they can but are also welcome to help out with a more challenging activities.


Booking is essential as we limit numbers to ensure each child gets the best possible experience. Free first session for all children.

All ingredients, aprons, equipment and something to take goodies home in are provided along with a recipe card so you can make the dish again.


Ages 11 -15

Children of this age may have had the chance to so some cooking in school or at home and really enjoy it. This class is an opportunity for those who have expressed an interest or enjoyment to really improve their technical skills and get to know ingredients well. Each session young people will take home a main course for the family or a smaller portion of 2 courses depending on the skills and complexity involved.

The focus continues to be on healthy, fresh products but we now add technical and complex dishes to the programme which can really prepare children to be the future master chef, improve their GCSE grade or even cook a weekly meal for the family. They can also gain credits towards a Duke of Edinburgh award through this course.


Our sessions are held after school in a fully equipped food technology kitchen to ensure that all students have an opportunity to be independent and autonomous when they are making the dishes they have been shown.


Free first session for all young people

Small groups always limited to 10; one to one bespoke sessions also available.

All ingredients, Aprons, equipment and something to take goodies home in are provided along with a recipe card so you can make the dishes again.

Pea Pods

Pre-School Classes


Ages 16 -18  

booking is required

Runners classes are for anyone in this age group who would like to learn more about cookery for life.  Cookery at this age can help to encourage confidence and creativity and support young people in making positive food choices.

The focus at this age is on skills that can be used in a wide range of dishes and adapted to provide a healthy, interesting and affordable weekly menu.

Over the full course the skills of hygiene, safety and nutrition will be included in an active and accessible way. This course can be tailored to all levels of food experience from those who have no knowledge at all to those who just want to remind themselves of the skills they already know and have fun in the kitchen.

Young people may also find the course helpful in preparing for university, wanting to learn a skill for Duke of Edinburgh or need extra time and support with GCSE and A level skills.

This is also a great follow on from the Roots course.

Preparation for University

Offered as a pre-booked set of sessions in conjunction with local secondary schools.

An innovative programme aimed at supporting young people with their transition to living away from home, providing them with skills to shop and eat healthily and cheaply.

The course is designed to boost confidence and develop an understanding of key ingredients and culinary skills.

All ingredients, equipment and recipes are provided for a wide range of interesting and healthy dishes.

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