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We are really happy to get involved within the community and take part in local clubs and groups. 

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Community Groups

We are always happy to come along to a brownie, guide, cub or scout group for a nominal fee and are happy to help you sign off the skills the children have learned. We can bring all the equipment and ingredients needed.

We are also available to attend Youth clubs and other community groups to offer skills sessions or themed events.

Life Skills

We are always interested in developing new projects for all ages. We are currently developing links with universities so that we can begin to roll out our ‘Feed Yourself Well’ programme to young adults who would like to develop their skills and knowledge and discover ways to eat healthily on a budget during their university studies or before they move away from home.


We always enjoy supporting others to learn the vital basic skills of cooking and have helped young people to achieve their ‘Skills’ assessment by supporting the young people with recipes, teaching basic skills, running 1:1 or group sessions and signing relevant paperwork. Just get in touch if we can help you.

Festivals and Events

We love to get involved with local events, small or large. It’s a great way for us to get out and meet new foodies and an opportunity to find out what healthy families would like to learn about next.

Our events for children are colourful and full of fun learning. They always tempt little people to come along and learn some healthy life skills and keep them busy so their adults can have a break (although they seem to love getting involved too!)

We can pop up in most venues and just need access to hand washing facilities/ hot water, tables for the chefs to work at and possibly some power.

We also work with others to run activities include growers, producers and chefs to create activities that make the most of your event.

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