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Classes are available for all ages. Whether you and your little one want to create in the kitchen or you are looking for new ideas for the family. We have classes available for all.

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Master Cooking

Pea Pods

Pre-School Classes

Little ones from a very early age love to get their hands into food and learn new skills whilst doing it; cooking encourages dexterity, confidence and organisational skill development.


Between 2 and 4 they are also establishing food habits that will be with them for life. By allowing them the freedom to be creative with children of the same age parents will be surprised what they can achieve and may learn a few things themselves too!.

The focus for our Little Pea Pods is on getting to know exciting, healthy foods with the occasional treat or sweet activity.

Accompanying adults are encouraged to allow the children to work as independently as they can but are also welcome to help out with a more challenging activities.


Booking is essential as we limit numbers to ensure each child gets the best possible experience. Free first session for all children.

All ingredients, aprons, equipment and something to take goodies home in are provided along with a recipe card so you can make the dish again.

Master Cooking

Master Cooking classes are intended for those with very little experience in the kitchen or those who wish to brush up on the basics.

We provide; a fun, practical session, aprons, most equipment and containers. Oil, spices and seasonings are also supplied.

You bring your own key ingredients and if required a dish for your making.             When you sign up you will be given a booklet outlining each week and a full list of ingredients.

Group sizes are very small so that everyone can get the best from each session.

Corporate Events

Cooking is an amazing focus area for team building and confidence boosting and enables opportunities to develop creativity and collaboration. We can provide corporate cookery events which are relaxed and informal but carefully planned to provide structure for your training event.

After a welcome drink, you will divide into groups and cook under the supervision of our experienced teachers. All our events finish with a feast of the days outcomes when you can take the opportunity to summarise the experiences of the day if you wish.

You can choose a theme for your event form our selected suggestions or just let us know any ideas you have and we will probably be able to plan around them.

For Mum and Dad

Healthy weaning and creating good early eating habits.


An opportunity for parents to try out new recipes and ingredient s that have been tried and tested. A great opportunity to meet other families and plenty of time is allowed to chat about the issues and experiences you are having.

A series of three 2 hour sessions held over 6 weeks in an evening when you might have a chance to come along and have some ‘me’ time.

Regular courses held in and around Bath, please get in touch also if you would like to book your own sessions with a group of friends.

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