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Back to real life cooking

Phew. The last 18 months have been tough for Live Learn Cook. I had a fab time delivering fun baking ingredients to the local community and running online sessions but the time came for us all to get outside and get some fresh air. I met some lovely new families and many of those who had joined me in previous 'live' sessions came along too. I also spent a lot of time over lockdown working with Bath Rugby Foundation to put together food parcels, food activity tasks, make hundreds of healthy meals and run live cookalongs.

Some of my regular classes are now back up and running and I have a good number of bookings for schools in the new year so things are starting to get back to normal. When I'm at home I am testing recipes and preparing for this busy time so I won't be running many pre Christmas open sessions but I am planning away.

I would love to hear from families about what they would like to learn and if they have any great suggestions for venues.

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